About Us

Metallier jewellery is one of its own kind. We are manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers,of flamboyant, elegant pieces of jewellery one can't resist yet economical. With tool of design and creativity we tailor metal into finest masterpieces. Our excellence in manufacturing gems and jewellery has been continuously echoed year after year in global markets.

Our team of artisans, craftsmen, and designers persevere to produce each and every piece with their outstanding skills and adhered sentiments so that every crafted piece becomes an inspiration. It is their hard-work which places our jewellery distinguished and evaluated to pinnacle. To drive a Ferrari is everyone's dream as it is an outcome of passion it's company carries to manufacture it. Our company aims to raise it's level to their perfection in jewellery manufacturing but within range so that dream is not just a dream. 

Our in-house manufactured precision cut genuine gemstones with a wide variety outshine our pieces by accelerating their brilliance since years. We've been showcasing our jewellery at various international platforms spreading our network across the world map.

Relationship with us will not be a onetime experience as there will always be a room for our customer satisfaction and innovations which can be crafted. Catering all diversified requirements from economical to luxury we've been raising the graph of our customers across the continents.